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Handling Systems

How to build a cattle handling system? +

Cattle handling systems are unique on each operation. Start by identifying an area on your operation for the cattle handling system. It should be convenient to access with vehicles and trailers and close to cattle. Gates and panels are used to create holding pens. Alleys allow handlers to work cattle to a chute. Additional gates within the alley system allow handlers to control the flow of cattle or pause the process.

How does a cattle sweep system work? +

Cattle sweep systems work by using natural cattle behavior and light to create cattle flow. The catle enter the sweep system and are moved around the circular tub and to the chute system or gates to another holding pen. The sweep system is designed using animal science research and low-stress handling principles.

How to set up cattle yards? +

Setting up a cattle yard will depend on the size of the operation, type of cattle (cow-calf, feeders, etc.) and geographic and other features of the property. Cattle yards should all have a few main components. These include holding pens, a handling system that includes alleys and a chute, and a loading chute.

How to build cattle yards? +

The goal of a cattle yard is to have handlers work cattle safely and efficiently. To build cattle yards, identify an area on the operation that is close to the cattle and easily accessible for trailers. Holding pens should be built and connected by gates and alleys to a chute system. A loading chute should also be connected to the cattle yard.

How to make cattle yards? +

Making cattle yards should be one of the first goals of any operation. The cattle yard is the primary activity area on a ranch. Design a cattle yard that can be changed as the needs of the operation change. Extra gates and panels in alleys and holding pens will allow flexibility later on. Alleys connect the holding pens to the chute and loading chute systems. The chute then moves cattle out into another pen after they have been worked. This pen needs to connect to other parts of the cattle yard and the holding pens.

How to set up a cattle yard? +

To set up a cattle yard, start by determining the number of cattle the operation will have. Use this as an estimate for the size of the cattle yard. Leave room for later expansion by adding extra panels and gates. The cattle yard connects the holding pen to the chute system with a series of alleys and gates - depending on the size of the operation - and then moves cattle out of the chute and into another pen, separate from those animals that still need to be worked.

What is a cattle feed yard? +

A cattle feed yard is an area where cattle are fed and raised. Cattle feed yards can be set up in many different formats. There can be one or two large pens, or multiple pens where animals are grouped based on their age or the operation that they came from. Cattle feed yards include cattle handling systems with a chute for animal husbandry practices and a loading chute for animals that need to be transported elsewhere.

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