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Can one man sort cattle? +

One man can sort cattle if he has the right handling system. Cattle handling systems with gates and alleys allow handlers to use low-stress principles to move cattle through the system. A hydraulic chute can be operated from various places throughout the system.

How to sort a pen of cattle? +

The best method to sort a pen of cattle is to use a "T" formation, and always work cattle from a vantage point that is 90 degrees from where you want them to go. The T method incorporates animal science research and natural instincts of cattle.

How to sort cattle on horseback? +

Sorting cattle on horseback is done using a T formation, working cattle from a point that is 90 degrees from the desired end point. Low-stress cattle handling principles can still be used as the point of balance and flight zone of cattle being sorted are activated.

What is cattle sorting? +

Cattle sorting is done when cattle need to be separated into different pens. The handlers start with a full herd and then sort animals from that group into two or more other pens.

What is ranch cattle sorting? +

Ranch cattle sorting is when there are two or more pens and cattle from the herd need to be separated into these pens. Handlers work the cattle to sort them into the desired groups.

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