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How to get farm equipment financing with bad credit? +

Farm equipment financing is available for people with bad credit. Manufacturers and agricultural lenders offer financing to all types of credit and multiple options are available. Contact the equipment manufacturer to learn more about availability.

Where can I find farm equipment finance companies? +

Farm equipment finance companies can be found by contacting your local Cooperative Extension System or Farm Bureau. They can make recommendatoins about available companies in your area.

How to finance farm equipment? +

To finance farm equipment contact the manufacturer, a livestock dealer, or an agricultural lender. They will let you know the options that are available and work through the process with you.

How can I get bad credit farm equipment financing? +

Those with bad credit still qualify for farm equipment financing. Reach out to an agricultural lender or organization for more information about the process. Farm equipment finance companies serve all customers.

What is the best place to finance farm equipment? +

The best place to finance farm equipment depends on how much financing you need and your geographic location. There are many options available and they all have benefits.

Where can I find a farm equipment finance calculator? +

Find a farm equipment finance calculator on the manufacturer website, on the agricultural lender website, or by working with your local Cooperative Extension System.

How long can you finance farm equipment? +

The length of time you can finance farm equipment for depends on the size of the loan, whether the equipment is old or new, and other variables.

What are farm equipment financing rates? +

Farm equipment financing rates vary, but in general they are lower than rates available for other types of financing.

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