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Calving Pen

What is a calving pen? +

A calving pen is a small enclosure made of panels and a gate where a cow gives birth to her calf without the rest of the herd. Calving pens create a safe environment for handlers or veterinarians to assist the cow and calf if needed.

Why are calves kept in small pens? +

Calves are kept in small pens to keep them safe and healthy. It prevents other animals from stepping on or injuring them and allows handlers to quickly find them and attend to nutrition and health needs.

Why do calves have individual pens? +

Calves have individual pens to keep them safe from other members of the herd stepping on them and healthy. The immune systems of calves are susceptible to illness and the individual pens prevent the spread of disease.

Why do they keep cow calves in small pens? +

Calves are kept in small pens at birth to prevent illness and injury. As the animal grows it is moved into progressively larger areas as health and safety allow.

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