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How to build a cattle sweep tub? +

Building a cattle sweep tub requires using curved panels to build a tub shape that will move cattle in a circle, towards a gate. One gate within the tub pushes animals toward the second gate, leading out of the tub, where animals will either be sorted into a holding pen or chute.

How to build a cattle tub? +

Cattle tubs work with animal behavior in their circular design and by allowing the cattle to move together. Tubs should have a minimum radius of 8-feet and a maximum of 12-feet.

What is a cattle crowd tub? +

Cattle crowd tubs are equipment used by stock persons to sort and move cattle.

How does a crowding tub work? +

A cattle crowd tub is a handling system that brings a small group of cattle into an enclosure and works them towards a chute, holding pen, or trailer loading dock using a circular motion and gates.

What is a crowding tub? +

A crowding tub is a piece of equipment used on a ranch or cattle operation to sort through a small group of cattle and separate out those that need attention.

What is a crowding tub used for? +

Crowding tubs are used to work cattle and separate them into a chute or other handling system.

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