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How to build adjustable cattle alley? +

Adjustable cattle alleys allow you to adapt to different herd and cattle sizes. Adjustable alleys should be a mainstay of every cattle operation, giving you the flexibility to grow and expand. Building an adjustable cattle alley includes incorporating gates and panels in a flexible system that works with the chute and corral system.

How wide should a cattle alley be? +

The width of a cattle alley depends on the size of the cattle you are working. Width ranges from 18 inches to 29.5 inches. An adjustable alley will use this range, giving you the ability to work any size cattle without worrying about having them turn back.

How long should a cattle alley be? +

Length of the cattle alley depends on the location on your operation and the space available. Arrowquip offers alleys that are 8-feet and 10-feet as these lengths meet the needs of operations.

How to build a cattle alley? +

Gates and panels are the main components needed when building a cattle alley. The gates and panels are situated in a formation that allows the handler to separate cattle and slow the cattle flow.

How wide does a cattle alley need to be? +

Cattle alleys need to be wide enough for cattle to safely pass through the system without being able to turn back. Alleys should be 18-29.5 inches wide, depending on the size of the cattle being worked.

How wide should a cattle working alley be? +

Cattle working alleys should be 18-29.5 inches wide. The narrow width means that only one animal can move forward at a time and that they cannot turn back.

How wide to make cattle alley? +

Make a cattle alley using panels and gates. The panels create the walls and gates are used to slow the pace, separate animals, and control flow.

What curve for cattle alley? +

Cattle naturally move in circles and a curved alley works with their instinct. It also prevents them from seeing the chute ahead, therefore, keeps the flow of cattle moving forward.

What is a cattle alley? +

A cattle alley is a handling system used to bring cattle forward to the chute or truck loading area. Cattle alleys move animals in a singular fashion forward and prevent animals from turning back.

What is a double alley cattle? +

A double alley cattle allows more than one animal to move through the alley at a time.

What is a single alley cattle? +

A single alley cattle is narrow and cattle must move forward individually.

What is cattle alley? +

Cattle alleys are used in handling systems to sort animals into a chute, holding pen, or back with the rest of the herd. The alley slows the flow of animals so that each can be sorted into the appropriate area.

Why is a cattle alley tapered? +

Cattle often need to be separated into different groups or inspected in the chute by a veterinarian. A cattle alley tapered slows the flow of animals down to individuals, allowing stock persons to work with one animal at a time, sorting them into the appropriate location.

How adjustable alleys work? +

Adjustable alleys work by allowing the livestock handler to change the configuration or width of the alley depending on the task at hand.

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