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What Portable Cattle Handling System is right for you?

If you have cattle in multiple locations, you need all of the features and the added benefit of portability. Quality is key, and sacrificing that is not an option. We understand! With a variety of options that feature simple setup and are designed for easy transport, Arrowquip’s portable cattle handling equipment is the easy way to create the portable cattle handling system that is perfectly suited to your operation.

Portable Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Handling System

Portable Cattle Squeeze Chute, Cattle Alley & Cattle Tub | Hydraulic Squeeze Chute Upgrade Image | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

The Portable Q-Catch 86 Series Chute, Alley and Tub combination is the perfect all-in-one system! Loaded with features, yet simple to use. Does it get better?


  • Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Chute: The quietest and most innovative manual squeeze chute on the market.
  • 8’ Adjustable Alley
  • Cattle Tub
  • Ample Clearance for rough terrain
  • Solid, single-piece steel frame
  • Quality construction

Portable Q-Catch 86 Series Chute & Alley

Portable Cattle Squeeze Chute and Cattle Alley | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

For the operation which requires a large amount of alley space and the ability to handle cattle of varying sizes, this duo is the ideal way to increase efficiency!


  • Q-Catch 86 Series Cattle Chute: The quietest and most innovative manual squeeze chute on the market.
  • 8’ Adjustable Alley.
  • Connects seamlessly to your existing Arrowquip products, whether stationary or portable.

For a complete portable system, add the 16’ Portable Alley & Tub.

If you prefer a Hydraulic Cattle Chute, the Portable System and Chute and Alley are both available with the Q-Power 106 Series Chute!

Portable Cattle Alley & Tub

Portable Adjustable Cattle Alley and Cattle Tub Tub | Hero Image | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

If a longer alleyway is a necessity, the 16’ Alley & Tub is the perfect solution!


  • 16’ Adjustable Alley
  • Cattle Tub

To complete your portable system, consider the Portable Q-Catch 86 Series Chute & Alley or Cattle Chute Trailer with the cattle chute of your choice.

Cattle Chute Trailer

Cattle Chute Trailer With Hydraulic Cattle Chute Image | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

To take your cattle squeeze chute on the road, the Cattle Chute Trailer is an essential addition to your cattle handling equipment!

Works with

  • Q-Catch 86 Series: The quietest and most innovative manual squeeze chute on the market.
  • Q-Power 106 Series: The hydraulic cattle chute designed for the cow-calf operation.
  • Hydrasqueeze 200 Series: The heaviest and most durable chute in the Arrowquip lineup. Specifically designed to increase the efficiency of large operations and feedlots.

To create a complete portable cattle handling system, consider the 16′ Cattle Alley & Tub.

Both the Portable System and Portable Alley and Tub come BudFlow® ready, making it easy to upgrade to the full BudFlow® Tub at any time.


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