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Easy Flow Cattle Alley

Easy Flow Cattle Alley | Arrowquip Cattle Equipment

Arrowquip’s Adjustable Easy Flow Alleys are cradle-shaped, and fully adjustable to accommodate cattle of any size with easy adjustments. Designed to adhere to low-stress cattle handling principles, the Easy Flow Alley is created to keep cattle distraction to a minimum while moving through the handling system. 

The Easy Flow Adjustable Alley is designed with cattle safety in mind. The sides of the alley are sheeted to the ground to eliminate the issue of foot traps, and both sides of the alley drop down fully in case of emergency. Further, the anti-backing bar keeps cattle from rearing up or turning back in the alley.

Arrowquip’s Adjustable Easy Flow Alleys feature heavy duty locking pins, making for seamless connection with your complete cattle handling system. With easy adjustments, excellent animal control, and the utmost in animal safety, the Adjustable Easy Flow Alley are designed to provide increased efficiency in your complete cattle handling system. 

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