Heavy Duty Rolling Door For Cattle Handling

Safe And Heavy Duty

Product Code: RLDR

The Arrowquip heavy-duty rolling door is made from high-grade steel and is backed by a one-year warranty covering its workmanship and performance. It features an over grab handle for all sizes of cattle, and a safety hitch that locks closed for additional protection. A set of heavy-duty nylon rollers has been engineered to operate more smoothly for longer, while the unit’s lack of a bottom track prevents buildup of ice, snow, manure and other substances that can cause a door to wear out prematurely.

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Heavy Duty construction
Safe and easy to use
Over grab handle for all sizes
Ideal extra for your alley
No bottom running track to build up with snow, ice, or manure
Heavy duty nylon rollers give smooth long lasting operation
Safety hitch to lock gate closed

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