Portable Cattle Alley & Crowding Tub

Portable 16' Adjustable Cattle Alley and BudFlow Crowding Tub

Product Code:PTA-N

The Arrowquip Portable Adjustable Cattle Alley and Tub is designed for easy transport, quick setup, and to make moving cattle a safe and easy operation. Consisting of a combined 16’ Adjustable Alley and Budflow® ready tub, the unit is prepared for connection to your Arrowquip Cattle Squeeze Chute or other Arrowquip products. With a simplified installation process and ample ground clearance for rough terrain, the Portable Alley and Tub is an excellent option for the rancher who requires portability.

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32ft (9.7m) Long 8ft (2.4m) Wide
Adjustable Cattle Alley 17”-31” (43cm - 79cm)
Vet door on front of alley
Man door entrance into tub crowd area

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