Second-Generation Head Holder

Controlling Your Cattle with Comfort in the Second-Generation Head Holder

Product Code: QC910

Arrowquip’s Second-Generation Head Holder offers unparalleled control over cattle with minimal stress on the animal. The patent pending Second-Generation Head Holder is the product of a six-year testing period in one of the most unforgiving environments in the world — the Australian Outback. Arrowquip has redefined simple yet again by eliminating the secondary locking mechanism found on the original model, making it a one handle push-pull. The result is a product which simplifies any procedure requiring access to the animal’s head, making veterinarian and handler tasks a breeze.

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Q-Catch Cattle Head Holder  Features and Benefits

Handler Up-Close Access 

  • Arrowquip’s Cattle head holder is a sturdy mechanism That clamps around the cattles neck and holds the head immobile to allow the handler to work with the animal to do ear tagging, dehorning, mouthing, implants and more.

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