Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cattle Chute

Hydrasqueeze 200 Series Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

Product Code: HYD-2000V
Weight: 2465lbs

The Hydrasqueeze 200 Series hydraulic cattle chute is designed for versatility and unparalleled control of the animal. As the heaviest and most durable chute in the Arrowquip lineup, it is specifically designed to increase the efficiency of large operations and feedlots of all sizes. Featuring independent top and bottom adjustments, the Hydrasqueeze 200 offers the freedom to adapt to cattle of any size, and the cradle squeeze design keeps cattle comfortable in the chute. If you want to experience the ultimate efficiency in your large operation, you are sure to be satisfied with the Hydrasqueeze 200.

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Unique cradle squeeze design
Independent top and bottom cattle squeeze
Wide vet door access both sides
Side exit and bottom door access both sides
Full opening front and rear headgates 30"clearance
Optional hydraulic neck bender

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Hydraulic  Cattle Chute Features And Benefits

Easy Hydraulic Hook Up

  • All hydraulic connections are color coded to help keep the setup time to a minimum. The chute comes standard with 40′ hoses to keep the noise from the hydraulic power source to a minimum. Choose from electric, gas or tractor hook up power options.

Needle Gate Access

  • The swing out needle door gives great access to the neck area for giving vaccinations. The Cradle squeeze starts immediately behind the headgate giving maximum control of the shoulder area.

Pivoting Swing Arm

  • The hydraulic controls are mounted on the pivoting swing arm. this allows the operator to work the chute from any position beside the chute- from the headgate to the palpation cage. The swing arm can pinned to the chute for transportation purposes.


Hydraulic  Cattle Chute Option

Hydraulic Lift Option 


The HYDHP hydraulic lift option takes all the effort out of the portable set up on the HYD-2000V hydraulic chute. Three hydraulic powered jacks raise and lower the chute, these are controlled by levers on the swing arm. The hitch and wheels can then be quickly removed or installed keeping the setup time to a minimum.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cattle Chute

Operate a large feedlot and Arrowquips heavy duty cattle chute has made me more productive.  Recommended to all those looking for something better.

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