Economical Cattle Chute

Com-Catch 61 Series Cattle Squeeze Chute

Product Code: CC6100
Weight: 1400lbs

The Com-Catch 61 Series cattle chute had been designed with quality and innovation in mind. While it is Arrowquip’s economical cattle chute option for the smaller cattle producer, this squeeze chute remains one of the top-quality chutes in the market by offering great access to the animal, preventing distractions, and limiting the possibility of injury to both cattle and handler. This is made possible by our design team who invested more than six hundred hours to create an innovative manual squeeze chute at a lower price without compromising quality. The compact, capable, and convenient Com-Catch 61 Series cattle chute offers the opportunity to increase your productivity by managing the risk of injury and limiting distractions, making it a popular item and an excellent investment.

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Full Length Squeeze
Needle Gate Access
Swing Out Bottom Gate Access
Removable Access Doors
Com Catch Head Gate
Auto Locking Device on Head Gate Door
Adjustable Rear Handle
Checker Plate Floor
Sheeted Rolling Tailgate
Removable Sternum Bar Option
Trailer Mounts
Rectangular Tubing

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Com-Catch Cattle Squeeze Chute Features and Benefits

Swung Out Access Doors 

Swing out access doors are positioned for easy branding.

Full Side Access

Swing out access doors and swing out bottom enable full side access.

From Calves To Bulls

Calves to bulls- The Com Catch handles it all! Process your calves at branding time with ease when using the Com Catch squeeze chute- team your chute with a tub and alley to really maximize flow and productivity.

Needle Gate Access 

Needle gate design provides excellent access for giving shots.

Full Length Parallel Squeeze- Open

the squeeze chute operates the full length of the chute, you can comfortably work a large animal with ease. The squeeze opens up to 29,5″ to allow easy movement of your largest cattle.

Full Length Parallel Squeeze- Closed

The full length squeeze enables you to narrow the width on the whole chute down to 9″. This eliminates the problem of calves turning around in the palp cage and reduces your processing time.


Com-Catch Cattle Chute Options


Sternum Bar manual cattle squeeze chute sternum bar Com-Catch 61 Series by Arrowquip

The sternum bar is easily installed and removed. The purpose of the sternum or brisket bar is to stop your cattle from going down.


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