Cattle Sort Gate | Two Way Sort Gate

Added Flexibility And Versatility To Cattle Equipment

Product Code: TWSG

Arrowquip Sort Gates are designed to encourage efficient flow through your cattle handling system by minimizing distractions. The Two-Way Sort Gate is spring-loaded for easy operation, can be controlled from either side, and adds versatility to your complete cattle handling system.

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Spring loaded sorting gate
Allows sorting or diversion in two directions
14 gauge sheeting
Operate sorting gate from either side

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Two Way Cattle Sorting Gate Features and Benefits

Spring loaded sort gate:

Arrowquip’s two way cattle sorting gate features a spring-loaded opening and closing mechanism that works reliably with a minimal amount of effort.

14 Gauge Sheeting:

The two way cattle sorting gate is made from 14 gauge sheeted steel, which provides superior long-term resistance against corrosion.

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