Cattle Tubs | 10′ BudFlow Crowding Tub

Patented BudFlow Cattle Working Tub

Product Code: BF34-10

The 10’ 3/4 BudFlow® Cattle Tub uses low-stress handling techniques, utilizing the cattle’s natural behavior to create efficient flow. By using cattle psychology to the advantage of the handler, you can minimize animal stress by using their natural instinct to turn back to where they entered. Without question, the Budflow® Cattle Tub is the world’s most innovative way to work your cattle.

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Alternatively, the BudFlow® extension is available as an addition to our Portable System and Portable Alley and Tub, allowing you to upgrade these products to include the full BudFlow® Tub.

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Cattle Tubs - How Arrowquips 10 Foot BudFlow Cattle Working Tub Works Cattle Tubs to suit your livestock handling needs. Arrowquips Cattle Tubs and Alleyways use cattle psychology to your advantage. The easy way to work your cattle into a alley or a chute, or on to a truck.

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