Cattle Alley | 10′ Easy Flow Adjustable Alley

Adjustable Working Cattle Alley

Arrowquip’s 10’ easy flow cattle alley section is fully adjustable to accommodate everything from calves to large bulls. Locking pins allow each section to be connected with other Arrowquip products to create straight, curved, S-shaped or double-wide alleys. The easy flow cattle alley is designed to prevent cattle from rearing up or turning around and is built tough with 14-gauge steel side sheeting. 

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10ft Fully adjustable alley section
Optional Anti Backing device available
Top adjustment stops animals rearing up
Bottom area is sheeted to stop animals catching legs
Both side fully open for emergency exit if animal goes down
Ideal for calves as well as cows
Create straight, curved, and ‘S’ alleys with our unique alley joiner
Never been easier to create the alley to suit your needs

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