Cattle Equipment in Nevada

With roots dating back to 1988, Arrowquip has proven itself to be industry innovators in the field of cattle squeeze chutes and related equipment. You’ll find our cattle equipment on ranches throughout Nevada and North America, where they are helping agribusinesses of all sizes stay profitable — even when economic and environmental conditions are working against them.

The current inventory of Arrowquip products can be viewed by browsing our online catalog or requesting a handling guide. In Nevada, our cattle equipment is sold and serviced by authorized dealers. To arrange a demo of any of our products, or to learn more, contact your closest dealer or the Arrowquip team.

Nevada Dealers:

Call an Arrowquip representative to locate your nearest dealer at 866-383-7827.

Cattle Handling Systems

If you’re looking for cattle handling systems, you can choose from:

  • Portable — Our portable cattle handling systems consist of a trailer-mounted alley and squeeze chute. Designed to go anywhere, these products include advanced features such as anti-backing systems, fully adjustable alleys, rear controlled head gates and more. Arrowquip’s portable handling systems make moving your herd easy and economical. Find out more by arranging a demo today.
  • Stationary — We can also build a custom stationary handling system to your specifications, using quality components including sort gates, alley stops, rolling doors and vet cages. Our products are built using high-grade steel and designed to withstand years of dust, rain and other weather conditions.

Cattle Squeeze Chutes

At the heart of any Arrowquip system is a quality squeeze chute. Squeeze chutes remain our core market focus, and we offer two main classes of products to our Nevada customers:

  • Manual chutes — Our lineup of manual chutes includes the Q-Catch 8500, one of the most advanced pieces of cattle handling equipment on the market today. Notable features of the Q-Catch product line include the ability to operate from any position without adjustment, several different head restraint options, a fully sheeted auto locking rear sliding door and more.

View Manual Squeeze Chutes

  • Hydraulic chutes — Designed for seamless, easy operation, the Cowpower 1050 features a hydraulic control head gate, full length squeeze chute and rear door. Optional accessories include a hydraulic headsweep, as well as gas, electric or tractor hookup options. We also sell the 2000V hydraulic vet squeeze chute, which has been specifically designed to reduce animal discomfort while maximizing your control.

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Arrowquip squeeze chutes are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.

Why Arrowquip?

Our products have been engineered to minimize stress every step of the way. When an animal is less stressed, they are less prone to lashing out, which keeps your crew safer. There’s also evidence to suggest that stress-free animals have fewer health complications, which keeps your vet bills low and reduces the need for emergency interventions. Both of these factors have key implications for your bottom line. After all, healthier stocks and safer workers lead to more money in your pocket.

To learn more about how Arrowquip can help you grow your business, contact one of our Nevada dealers or an Arrowquip Expert.