Cattle Equipment in Iowa

Are you an Iowa cattle rancher who needs to replace a broken or outdated squeeze chute? Are you looking for a reliable source for loading chutes, crowding tubs or other livestock equipment? Whatever your cattle handling equipment needs may be, Arrowquip can provide a cost-effective solution. We’re a leading supplier of cattle equipment in Iowa and throughout the U.S. and North America. We work to provide innovative, economical, user-friendly livestock equipment that is safe for both the animals and handlers.

Iowa Dealers:

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The Best Manual Squeeze Chutes in Iowa

Our manually operated squeeze chutes are designed for low animal stress and maximum ease of use for the handler. You’ll be able to apply even side pressure without pushing the feet out from underneath the animal. Key features include adjustment-free push-pull operation, multiple head restraint/control options, full exits on both sides, and a headgate that can be operated from the rear of the chute. Additional related products include head sweeps, head holders, sternum bars and headgates.

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Portable and Vet Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes

Hydraulic squeeze chutes can offer greater power and enhanced operator efficiency. Our hydraulic squeeze chute inventory includes portable products that can be towed to wherever your livestock is located. We also offer vet squeeze chutes that enable veterinarians to maintain control of your cattle during treatment. Other features include a wide vet door on either side of the chute, as well as an optional hydraulic neck bender. Full opening front and rear headgates provide easy access to the animal.

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Additional Cattle Handling Equipment for Sale

Round out your cattle equipment inventory with other essential items such as calving pens, loading chutes, crowding tubs, alleys and weigh equipment. You’ll also find complete stationary and portable handling systems. We manufacture all of our cattle equipment in our own factory to ensure they meet our exceptionally high quality standards. All products include warranty protection and are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with your equipment, you can return it to us for a refund.

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Product Experts Are Available to Assist You

As part of our commitment to ensuring our customers get the right cattle equipment product at the right price, we give you access to our team of product experts who can assist you throughout the decision-making process. Custom design services are also available that allow you to provide input, so your product meets your specific requirements. Our consultative approach to selling cattle equipment has helped us build a large and loyal customer base in Australia, North America and around the world.

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