Cattle Equipment in Arkansas

In today’s ranches and beef cattle farms, quality products play an important role in keeping animals healthy and safe. Cattle equipment by Arrowquip has helped many of Arkansas’ more than 23,000 beef producers manage the challenges of growth in a difficult climate and economy.

Built for long-term performance but affordable enough for smaller and family farms, Arrow cattle equipment is an excellent investment for any ranching operation.

Arkansas Dealers:

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Innovative Cattle Squeeze Chutes for Arkansas Ranchers

In Arkansas and beyond, responsible ranchers are looking for new ways to decrease stress on their animals. Designed to gently guide cattle where they need to go, Arrow squeeze chutes minimize distractions, reducing the risk of illness or injury.

One of our most important products, the Cowpower 1050 squeeze chute includes advanced features such as a hydraulic headgate and rear door, a full-length squeeze, an anti-backing system, and more. Other squeeze chutes include the affordable and quiet Q-Catch 8500V, and the 2000V hydraulic vet chute. All offer exceptional value and are backed by industry-leading warranty coverage.

For a full list of products and specifications, keep browsing our website or contact an Arrow representative directly.

Part of a Complete Cattle Handling System

Squeeze chutes are just one of the cattle handling solutions we offer Arkansas ranchers. Arrow manufactures a full line of stationary and portable handling systems, including:

  • Crowding tubs
  • Calving stations
  • Loading chutes
  • And more

We design all our products to work together to promote safe and humane cattle handling. This, in turn, keeps your crew safer and your animals healthier, reducing both your liability and your veterinary bills.

Let us put together a complete package for your operation. Contact an Arrow representative and discover why we’re a leading provider of cattle equipment for Arkansas’ ranches and farms.

Offering Great Quality and Performance Since 1988

Offering exceptional quality and long-term durability, we construct our products from the ground up to deliver value and performance for today’s most demanding customers. The full lineup of Arrow cattle equipment is available through our nationwide network of dealer partners. To find a representative in Arkansas, check out our Locations page today.