Arrowquip’s Research Rancher | Being Part of Arrowquip’s Innovation

Arrowquip is the international leader in cattle equipment. We’ve seen amazing growth worldwide by providing innovative products and ensuring we’re meeting the needs of our valued ranchers. In order to keep that momentum going we want to ensure we’re answering the call of our ranchers.

Introducing Research Rancher, transparent and concise communication between user and manufacturer.
Research Rancher is an initiative of Arrowquip to provide clear and transparent communication between the rancher and the manufacturer. The goal is to be able to gather valuable input on the rancher level that’ll help improve our dealer networks and our end product.

In order to better communicate with the chosen Research Ranchers, we’ve broken them into two groups, the Sheriffs, and Deputies. Over the next several months’ clients who own our product, as well as our competitors’ products will be getting surveys to help narrow down who will fall into one of these two groups.

The Sheriffs: Are those that help test our products in real work scenarios, completing survey’s, taking the odd phone call from our marketing department as well as being our focus group on future communication and strategies. Of course, under a confidentiality contract, the Sheriffs are essentially the test drivers for Arrowquip products.

The Deputy: The Deputy Research Ranchers are just as important than the Sheriffs, and will be able to upgrade to a Sheriff as our manufacturing and product base grows. Deputies will have the same responsibility as the Sheriffs, but more along the lines of survey’s vs. product testing.

In both cases, everyone chosen to be a Research Rancher will receive exclusive offers, contesting, and preferred pricing.

But before we can start doing all of that, we first need to pick our Research Rancher team. Those that qualify must be completing our survey’s in their entirety, within 72 hours of receiving the email. Our goal is to have our Research Rancher team’s picked by early 2017 helping kick off some new and exciting Arrowquip products. Those who are chosen will receive an email outlining the process and what they’ll need to do.

If you’re not chosen, don’t worry. We’ll be continually growing our Research Rancher teams, so please stay tuned and keep up on those surveys! If you’re not currently receiving any communication regarding our Research Rancher project, you can submit your name to