Happy Q-Catch customer

“The beauty of the sliding headgate is that cows don't tend to back up, even when you stand up front. They don't feel the need to take a run at it, the chute is open and looks like a natural place to go as opposed to a self-catch head gate that is always partially blocked and provides a narrow opening those cows always feel they need to lunge at to get through. I find cows just walk up nice and quiet and are easily caught. No clanging and banging headgate. Cattle are easily released, and just step out, way less stress on the critter. Now that we have one I wonder how we got by with the old automatic head gates all those years. I probably sound like a Q-Catch salesman, but I can't help myself, I've been converted”

Absolutely Amazing!

The Q-catch squeeze chute is absolutely amazing! The design is flawless and perfect. I love working cows with this chute. Not to mention the lifetime replacement on the squeeze and head catch locking mechanisms. The only problem is the serial number was hard to read so I'm not sure it's correct. Happy Customer - Brent Sinnema Manhattan, MT USA

Dave B

We purchased our 8400 Q-Catch squeeze chute through our dealer after searching on the internet. Our plan is to have a squeeze chute that is quiet and easy to work with. The Q-Catch 8400 is the one that is easy to work, and helps keep the cattle quiet. We look forward to many years of service from this unit. Thank you.

Rancher BC

Their Q-Catch manual chute is sure quiet. The manual head gate is whisper quiet and catching 400 head is like a day off. No comparison to an automatic head gate.

Our Half Circle Calving Station

HCCVS…..Thank you for getting it here early Jerry! We put it to work on a heifer tonight and it worked like a dream! I'm very happy with how solid it is! - Michael ND

I run a livestock over operation of over 300 cows with my wife and 3 boys

We enjoy doing things as a family and my children love to help us when were using our portable handling facility.My 11 year old son likes to work the head gate and our 7 year old twins like to use the rolling doors at the end of the alleys.With my portable handing facility we are able to work together and when we have the cows or calves in the crowding tub I know it is safe for my children to be helping which gives me piece of mind .
Sincerely Corey Chesney

HELLO! From Rocking H Ranch

We are Very Pleased to let you know that our portable cattle chute and alley and tub is the Best Investment we have ever made. The quality and workmanship is outstanding! The cattle are not under stress, and the movable parts work so well. We can work more cattle a whole lot faster without injury. We can move it to any pasture and just remove the wheels and get to work! P.S. we also at the end of the day are not Exhausted anymore!

Happy Rancher Alabama

Have the equipment in my pasture!! This is the best equipment around I am so very pleased. No competition to equal this in the US. Will show to my ranching friends - Jim

Portable Tub , Alley & Q-Catch User

“Definitely makes my life a lot easier” PTAS-8 user, Morris, IL

Happy Customer...

We used this chute on Saturday worked like a charm. Vet was happy for the palp cage and even though we were short one person from normal crew we whipped through faster than ever!